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Welcome to “iSell of New Haven” formally known as Campus Computers. This site is for people who don’t know where to turn to to sell their products and which products to buy?

iSell was found on the basic principal of Consumer Awareness. We have a central location on 59 Broadway, New Haven CT.

iSell is a great way for you to buy, sell and build electronics. Navigate this site for the many products we have!

Go to our “build a computer page” it “Products” check out what we are selling and see if we can help you!

We soon will be creating a 404 redirect with a new Domain, but for now we will be keeping the same address during the transitional period. Our new domain will soon be www.iselstor.com

Do you need a Web-Site built for your Store, Business or just yourself. iSell of New Haven in partnership with Campus Computer Services would love to build you a web-site. It’s one less thing that you have to think about. 

If you would like a quote: Fill out the bottom Form and we will get back to you right away. 

Your Information

Address: 59 Broadway, New Haven CT Phone Number:1-203-889-2912 or 1-844-802-7653 Email: Campuspcservice@gmail.com We can help you with your Web-Site right now!

iSell offers a myraid of products online and in-store. We provide people with a lot of different products 

that people use for everyday use as well as entertainement. 

It will not hurt to sign up for some Coupons or Rewards to make sure that your always getting the savings you need!

If you prefer to just come into the store, the address is 59 Broadway, New Haven CT 06511 or you can call 1-203-889-2912

iSell is a subsidiary of Campus PC Services. iSell of New Haven is expanding into being one of the largest retail sites and stores in the world. Either you come in, or you call, you will have a great experience. 

Thank You for visiting this web-site and we hope you find what you need. 

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