Mass Effect Andromeda Review

Welcome to colonizing space. (The Dragon Age Way).

I have no respect for people who have called this game bad. I know that it has gotten mixed reviews, but it’s only because people were wanted a Shepard hero story.

Now the review.

The View:

From the opening minutes till now, this game is great for RPG fans who like depth without a main driven story. If you recall Dragon Age Inquisition? Then you can think about Mass Effect. A direction that the good developers at Bioware did right, because now, without spoilers we will know a little more about how the Galaxy worked in next games to come.

I could see Bioware’s vision. They wanted a Mass Effect that you can control. One with diplomatic relations and an interesting space “Trek” story to boot.


The Game:

The Game is fun. It’s fun for a Star Trek Fan that wants to find and explore planets in an unknown galaxy after “The Scourge.” Leading the initiative is conveniently called the Pathfinder. “To find a Path.” You start on the Nexus, do some sublime to meaningful fetch quests, and fly in your tempest with a crew which consists of a Solariun, Krogan, Asari, and other intergalactic races that are new to the series that I don’t want to spoil. The enemy or the other invaders of the Heluis Cluster are the Kett. The Kett are always there. Every time you walk into an EOS building or create an outpost. There will be more Kett. Here is where the confusion comes in.


Point of View:

I understand why this game has mixed reviews. There is no commander shepard with 7 or 8 companions saving the universe from the geth or collectors.

The Facial animations are subpar. There are difficult systems that you as an RPG fanatic have to figure out. So it’s an enthusiasts ballgame now. This is why scores were so different amongst the reviewers. In-depth menus don’t always hurt, but in this case between research, development, scanning, mining, etc. It’s almost a sim.

Final Thoughts. Should we buy this.

To sum up everything. You have decent graphics, a borderline space based sim, sexual encounters with aliens. Why Not?

Final Score is:

Final Score Mass Effect

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