CCS (Campus Computer Services) has a new Checkout Center.

We have expanded our inventory and improved our check-out center.

We have changed our floor design. We will actually fix your iPhone in front of you. This is for transparency purposes only.

We feel as though if you don’t get a more immersive experience what is the point of doing business with a company.

Just as the Apple Bar, Campus Computer Service is creating a more immersive experience for our customers. We want our customers not only to be customers, but to learn about what we do in a more “Friction less Flow.”

“We are gaining an edge on the market with a great location and even a greater type of person” The founder has said. He also has stated “the name Campus Computer Service will be reduced to CCS for easier identification of who they are.”

New Haven needs a “possible” competitor [or Partner] for Apple’s dominate monopoly on the market in that town… CCS just might be the way to go for Accessories and Repairs. He continued.

They are actively seeking out new business every second of every day say’s “Brian” a Sales Associate of CCS. He went on to say “CCS has given him a fresh new start after leaving the navy and fighting in Iraq.” He continued “Our business strategies are not the likes of only Yale students. Whoever slanders or say’s anything bad about CCS doesn’t know them one bit.”

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