iPhone 7 Red an Answer to the Galaxy S8?

Courtesy of CNET we found out that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming out next week. It seems to be interesting that Apple would release a red version so the news would divert from the release of Samsungs S8. Is that how little Apple sees Samsung as a competitor?

We here at CCS believe that the Galaxy S8 is much bigger news then the iPhone 7 Red edition. You are talking about a whole different phone versus a different color of a preexisting one. If you ask me… I think this is a little odd.

We also don’t know what more to say about this issue, because it’s another shareholder stunt.

Campus Computer Service (CCS) would like to see a big difference. Why didn’t Apple announce it’s iPhone 7s. Even the employees at Apple are wondering what the hell is going on?

I find it interesting that right now to gloss over the news that Apple decides to throw a wrench.

I’m tired of this press trickery. In other news, Campus Computers is hiring a General Manager to take on multiple responsibilities as the company seeks growth. CCS is the only company next to Apple in New Haven, Connecticut that holds a candle when it comes to taking a chunk of the behemoths monopoly in New Haven, CT.

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