Horizon Zero Dawn Review

On Dawn stands the Horizon.

Gameplay Mechanics

The Gameplay Mechanics are very different from other games. Guerrilla has done a very good job of turning a bow into a gun. No game (I can think) has done this without friction. No developers have turned a first person empire into fun addictive RPG mechanics.

You start out with nothing but a bow and your stealth skills. Eventually you learn how to shoot so many different types of arrows from different weapons such as a ropecaster, tripcaster, war bow, hunting bow, and some others. You play by commanding a bow so often that you may break the right trigger on your controller if you are not careful.

You also have a strong attack as well as a swift attack combining your right trigger and your right top button. The game does a good job with the ferocious animals turned robotic against you. The AI is superb. You have to tie down the flinthawks with your rope caster just to get a hard attack in. You have to fight from a decent distance when a pack of trackers smell your scent, and alligator like fighting machines have a devastating attack.

The game can be incredibly demanding if you don’t know what you are doing, but on a good note it never gets over-bearing unless a herd of machines surrounds you and you’re jumping and diving like no tomorrow with your beefed up Hunting bow or throwing traps underneath you.

I found the Gameplay really well made. It’s addictive, fun and you feel powerful as you succeed in becoming powerful. Other games fail this.

The story definitely is worth it.

One major flaw with the development was making the game’s characters boring. It isn’t fun asking the Carja who live in Meridian questions after questions. Their overall voice acting isn’t well done, but the story lives up to the hype once you turn a certain pass.

To put it simply when you were young, you were trained by a man who claims to be your father or founder (The game never really tells you the truth, at the beginning). You never knew your mother and you were outcast-ed by the Nora. Eventually, tides turn in your favor. If you like stories with twists and turns stick with it! It is worth all of your time.


The Environment has a lot to do with Horizon Zero Dawn. It really peaks your interest once you are wallowing near beautiful rivers, ice caverns, desolate deserts, fields, tall grass, trees, some of the most beautiful environment’s I’ve ever seen since The Witcher 3. What is different about each environment is the hills. The hills grant access for different types of outcomes. Not to forget the tall grass that is used as cover when hiding from the rampant machines. The Tall grass can also be used to flank machines that are otherwise busy eating grass, swimming, or walking in circles watching their pack.

In this world you truly feel invigorated and immersed. A feeling that comes with Horizon Zero Dawn. I love everything from the camps to the campfires. The open world design comes to life with minimal load times and a lot to explore


Quests are called errands, some are fun, some aren’t. It’s really like any other RPG. It doesn’t push the bounds where every little thing you did is exciting or for that fact matter, and it’s not like Witcher 3 with your choices. The outcomes are all the same no matter which choice you decide to go with. This isn’t a spoiler, but a simple fact you’ll come to realize in the first hour of gameplay.

Should I buy it?

I definitely think over 50 hours of game play (That’s on the low end) is worth your time. For the price of the standard game or even the $69.99 version you are in for a long treat with twists and turns, besides boring characters this game has everything.


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