Twitch, Switch and the American Market What Do you think?

More and more lately we have been watching games like Persona 5 and all of the Tales series make it overseas without an issue.

Are Japanese Games becoming part of our culture? Are we becoming part of their culture?

As you already may know Video games cost millions of dollars to make. Take a quick look at Kickstarter and see some prices. That is actually a viable source for finding out roughly what a game will cost.

In the our opinion games are becoming more part of everyday life and we need more releases. I think that the Japanese game maker’s don’t intend on releasing western type games, but they do anyway. They want the gaming industry to evolve. Who wouldn’t want a multi-billion dollar industry to evolve into a trillion dollar one.

The Gaming industry now has roughly 199 Billion Dollars worth of working capital per year. That’s more than Hollywood. Sites like,, and many others all contribute to that success by showing people games vs having them in your consoles. Those sites aren’t hurting the market they are helping the masses get into a billion dollar industry by advertising it.

“I think that the more people get involved and know what video games are the more they will play them. Japan has some of the best games in the world” Says owner of Campus Pc Service.

I wouldn’t agree that they have some of the “best” games, they just know how to show them. Look at Switch. It’s a dream piece of technology tailored towards the laziness of american’s one person said when we asked them what they thought of their “Switch.”

I think European game developers are starting to monopolize on the market with the “Switch.” Now you are going to be able to play all your favorite games in one place (or at least most). It doesn’t make sense and it shouldn’t happen.

“Switch” is making it easier for Americans to play video games. there is nothing wrong with that, besides the fact that they have to pay for it. Especially now when Americans were hit hard financially in the past decade the entertainment industry seems to flourish.

Tell us what you think about the future of gaming will we have a great new release or will people be wise and pick and choose before buying every game they see?

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