Xbox or Playstation (or Switch).

In the console wars PlayStation has reigned dominant for years. Now the circumstances have changed.

Nintendo once claimed they can afford to lose money on the Wii U… Interesting statement, but what’s even more interesting is the recent success of Switch.

Some could say that Playstation’s dominance is due to timing, better graphics, design, exclusives, etc, but in our own opinion it’s age.


Switch is creating something tailored towards all audiences with mobility, strength and ease of use. It’s no wonder the Switch is such a great success. The Wii introduced a new interactive way to play, while Xbox and Playstation made little efforts to hold on to the market with their conventional gameplay. Playstation seems to think Virtual Realty (Along with Oculus Rift) is the future. I think that Nintendo out thinks the competition by taking our past and exploiting it to the younger generation, and now all age groups.

60 years ago we were playing cowboy’s and Indians with plastic toys now we are using switch controllers. Soon the hololens will have the upper hand “lol”. My point is Switch’s strength lies in brand recognition and relentless sequels to important titles like Zelda.

The timing of the switch is impeccable. You are talking about a release of a new system along with a strong lineup of games that Playstation and Xbox launched. March 3rd people (not only the gamers) converted to gaming on the couch, in the office or anywhere they have a plug. The beauty of their marketing plan is to release peripherals one at a time like the Switch Pro controller.


Xbox made enough mistakes, but thankfully you now don’t have to buy a 360 because of so many backwards compatible games. This was Xbox’s plans. It seems that Xbox has banked everything on backwards compatibility, no release of any sort of VR or additional interactivity. Actually, the Xbox dropped the kinect because of graphical glitches.

What’s next for all three consoles (We are not including the mighty PC which is always in the middle of things).

Xbox needs to think of interactivity without glitches and still ride the backwards compatibility market, and figure out a way to release more exclusives.

Playstation has found their niche with games like Horizon Zero Dawn and the Release of the Playstation Pro.

Finally, Switch needs to slowly release peripherals and surprises related to their console, as well as convince developers to make more games for their console. They also need to stick to their all ages plan.


Nintendo knows one indisputable fact. The fact that Age and perception always matter.

The Winner will most likely be the Switch with so little they have to do now that the real work is over, but it’s all up to the people, so we would like to know what you think?

Leave your comments below on who is going to with the Console war?

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