Do you need a new battery or is it just a cable on your iPhone.

There are a number of ways to tell the difference.

Is your battery periodically jumping from one percentage to another without any warning? (Note: This could be because of the type of chargers you use).

A very important thing to remember is not to use anything less then a charger that is boxed and Apple certified.

Another way to tell the difference is if your phone is just dead. That is usually an indication that your battery has suffered from some type of charger mishap or the battery just cannot take the same juice.

Did you ever drop your phone in water. This is a defining moment that could tell if your battery is the culprit of your dead phone.

To recap:

If your phone has a slow death, that means it could be the type of cables you are using.

If your phone has a quick death, that could mean that there is a cable you are using that is causing the issues with your phone.

Whatever the reason. You should bring it in to us to take a look at it and see what’s wrong.

Our Phone Number is 1-203-889-2912 or 1-844-802-7653. Or you can fill out the contact information form below.

Thank you for reading this and hopefully we will be able to fix that battery for you.

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