What is a browser? You’re Toolbars are Effecting you!

What is a Browser?

“Browsers are applications that allow us a gateway into using the internet.”

People who are inept to computers still may of heard there is something out there called internet explorer. The Application is exactly as it sounds, it’s a way to explore the internet.

It’s shocking from my experience of how many people don’t know about Internet explorer or a correct way to browse the internet. Also, how your toolbars at the top of the browsers are BHO’s.


Some Browsers have something called BHO’s or Browser Helper Objects. These Browser Helper Objects are exactly as they sound as well. They help you browse the internet with ease by utilizing tools (or extensions) at the top of the browser. In a nutshell, they are these miniature tools at the top of the browser that make your gateway to the internet more convenient.

This also works on Android browsers as well. For instance for the Mozilla Firefox Browser there are Android Extensions or Add on’s that will drain the battery of your phone.

BHO’s or toolbars can be very harmful to your machine if you are not careful. BHO’s can harm the computer in a multitude of ways. They can harm precious registry files. They can harm different types of applications. They can download spyware, but we’ll talk about that later…


Do these Toolbars look familiar.

Right now I want this article for people who have the Yahoo Tool bar downloaded or any other toolbars for that matter.

Toolbars are considered Malware, or BHO’s.

I am going to show you one way to get rid of BHO’s.

1st, Go to http://download.cnet.com/IObit-Uninstaller/3000-2096_4-75161625.html

2nd, Install IObit Uninstaller.

3rd, Go to the section that say’s BHO’s and Toolbars.

4th, Delete any toolbars that you do not recognize. I would also uninstall ones that you do recognize. The lesser you can live without them the better.

Overall: This method will increase your boot time, it will increase your overall speed opening the browser and it may even increase your internet speed. Another thing: Pretend that the internet is a subsidiary of your computer. Internet speeds have very little to do with the speed of your computer.

I will be giving more tech tips in the next few articles we hope you learned something and we hope that you enjoyed our article.

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