iPhone 8 the best concepts we can find.

iPhone 8 is supposed to be the next living breathing phone to knock are socks off. What exactly will it look like. Below, I have scoured the internet and found some designs that we’ll explain.

Augmented Reality iPhone Courtesy of Business insider.jpg

Courtesy of C-Net 

This above image is an image of the iPhone with the Augmented reality theory. Is Tim cook actually going to bend the rules of physics and make his phone look like a cross between a Google Pixel and a Samsung? Why not monopolize on the market?

The idea for an augmented reality phone is a good idea and Apple did hire specialists in the VR field, but it seems to far fetched if Apple wants to keep production costs down and phone prices high, but you never really do know, now do you?

Since Samsung had a rough year of blowing up peoples pockets financially and physically, it’s time for Apple to move in on their familiar territory.


Courtesy of CNet.com

This design for the home button looks very familiar to the Galaxy and would look like the direction Apple may go in.

This is something that button on the Phone may look like, but possibly not. Apple is known to keep their costs down when it comes to fixing the phone. The above screen would cost a fortune to fix because it seems to be fitted on by 16 to 24 screws. You can tell that this won’t be a design, because why would apple steer so far away from their original concept. 

One thing Apple is known for and that is keeping costs low. by creating a rounder design the genius bar would have to relearn the phone as well as all the other third party companies that work on iPhone screens. There is a reason why Apple has stores in the first place.

iphoneconceptime Courtesy of ConceptsiPhone

-Courtesy of Conceptsiphone

This design is very similar to the edge and the augmented reality. We implore people to think more of practicality when it comes to the iPhone as opposed to new designs. Not saying this one will be far off. It just seems to difficult to work on because of the lack of the famous iPhone IP sensor button and the round edges of samsungs edge.

Now, last but not least my favorite design:

iPhone 8 Concept According to CNet

-Courtesy of CNet.com

This phone looks like what it will be. The Siri button will stay, but with a cool look to help brand siri’s success. The size is the same, the screen is the same, the overall phone has new coloring, but it does look very different from the iPhone 7.

I guess all we can do is wait. Please comment below on which one you like the best and which one you think will be the next contender in the iPhone war.

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