Whats next on the agenda for Campus Computer Service

Campus Computer Service is a conglomeration of tech sales, service, reselling, and different types of Computer Enhancement – Repair programs.

We have a comprehensive line of products including phones, cases and industrial school supplies.

We are furthering are demographic by partnering with The Wayfair Furniture Business. This is going to give us a great advantage in showing off the many items that we have in our retail sector.

Giving our 1200 Square Foot great location next to Apple in New Haven Connecticut, We have the know how and the power to place a strong hold on the Tech market.

Campus Computer Service is also acquiring a broader workforce with certifications throughout the state, giving us an opportunity to increase our vendor relations and offer not only more than Apple, but even maybe a better product.

Starting April 24th, 2017 Kevin Goodman (General Manager) will succeed in bringing in a foray of products and services to the better part of southern Connecticut.

Wait and see folks, Campus Computer Services is an up and coming behemoth to look out for.

And to all Students of the nearby colleges, we can’t wait to be seeing you at our up and coming lesson at The New Haven Chamber of Commerce which is not scheduled yet, but will be scheduled next week. For more information on the lesson check back next week. 

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