Mac Vs PC? CCS Opinion

There has been a lot of debate whether the Mac is better then the PC, but it all stems down to the person using the machine and for what purpose. 

For instance: A Gamer would prefer a PC, While a Writer might prefer a Mac. 

What are the major differences?

MAC is built on more of a GUI Interface with one click options and virtual desktops, Microsoft is built on a Filesystem where people can experiment with multiple files and ultimately more commands.

It’s sounds as if the Microsoft Operating System wins… No. Because which one is simpler.

The Mac’s ease of use defines its ultimate usage while Microsoft’s constant Viruses and knowledge base veer it towards more experienced users. Not saying you don’t need knowledge for both.

Before you buy your next Computer think long and hard what you are using it for. If you like to design and write go with a mac. If you like to game and know how to correctly use a file system go with a PC.

There should be one machine that does both? Well, without using software, there is no such thing yet. Maybe someone out there will invent something beyond a Duel Boot Operating System. Maybe not.

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