Darksiders 3 will not be at E3 :(

Darksiders 3 will not be E3 this year. this could alter sales. For all the fans of the original darksiders this is a catastrophe. I wanted to see the action RPG first hand. But according to developers it’s not going to be at E3. It sounds as if THQ doesn’t have much at all.

Another major problem with the new darksiders is the fact that it’s not going to have real time facial animations.

In the gaming world where graphics are key and people love the graphic identity of a video game,  it’s going to hurt darksiders 3 graphical component.

I have a feeling that this game is not going to go as planned.

IGN currently had a sit down with the developers for darksiders 3. They we’re very quiet and evasive during the interview.

All they can show us really is a little bit of the game here and there, and you can really tell that there’s a long way to go with this.

on a good note below I put an answer to one of IGN’s questions “what will this this game be like? Here is the answer:

Darksiders is a such an amalgamation of so many different things: Puzzles, Combat, Exploration, Story.  In games, it’s often hard to just nail one of these elements, and make them feel right. In Darksiders, we have to nail all of them, not to mention finding ways to seamlessly blend between them. We know the combat will be compared to the best combat games out there. We know we have make puzzles that can stand toe to toe with other puzzle games out there. We strive to make memorable characters that people get so excited about that they want to make fan art and cosplay as them.  It’s a challenge for sure, but we love it!

so there you have it the new and so called improved Darksiders 3 coming out in 2018. No E3 and a void in IGN’s questioning to the developers.

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