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Fargo Season 3 Episode 7 Review

Above and below, The Wolf is coming

Varga Season 3 Fargo

Varga and Company

This episode was filled with multiple twists that gave us a sense of what might be coming next, but at the same time doesn’t give us any glimpse of the future.

We start off with a glimpse of Varga opening gifts in a under a Christmas tree which we  later find out belong to Emmitt. 





Emmitt Stussy From Fargo Season 3

Emmitt Stussy 

One character I would like to elaborate on is Emmitt’s undeniably psychosis which is taken him from one hell with Varga and the like, to another hell with the unfortunate death of his brother. Emmitt seems lost and untrusting. It seems as if he is trying to  piece a puzzle together in his head that is going really no where. One thing we did learn from this episode is that Sy is a true friend and companion as in the other episodes he fell short of playing that role. Before Sy was the comical buddy that everyone loves, now he is a man who has been broken. That’s Fargo though, taking peoples personalities and shattering them. That’s the brilliance behind every episode.

Another important thing to think about is Gloria. She caught an impersonating cop trying to inject something into Nikki Swarro (who we’ve begin to wonder what the hell is going on???). It seems Nikki has a major role to play as Remi is unlocking that gate, but i don’t think its to kill her. Remember, he did find a file in the library that just might be enough to kidnap her and further the tail.

Sy Season 3 Fargo

Before Sy was the comical buddy that everyone loves, now he is a man who has been broken.In the way that scene was done, was brilliant. Gloria going one way, Nikki the other (I think that was compare and contrast) and then the music plays. We think it’s over, but then you start to think something else as they follow the truck. What happens with Remi and others is brilliant. 

We have a few possible scenarios, but you never could tell who or what might come, or happen next. The series needed this episode, with ray’s death. Ray’s death took a toll on the entire plot. Fargo has been known to go through great lengths, but this season by far is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.

Nikki Gloria Ray from Season 3 Fargo

Nikki Gloria Ray Fargo

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