Ghost Recon Wildlands Review

“Should I stay or should I go”

Ghost Recon Wildlands, The latest installment in Tom Clancys universe is by far one of the funnest experiences I’ve ever had.

The story takes place in yet another Third World country. I really don’t want to spoil anything here so I’m going to keep it vague. The idea of the game is to take out under bosses until you reach the final boss of a particular cartel. This gives you the usual guns, weapons, grenades, and gadgets you would expect in a game where four player co-op is key. 

The system is pretty simple you log on with your character and your story (which is the same as everyone else’s) begins. One of the major fun parts of the game is the fact you never lose your place in the story, no matter how many people you play with. 

That’s just what makes this open world so good, it’s the 4 player co-op that gives you a fun game experience each time. Do you wanna go stealth with your friends or do you want to move in quietly? These are the questions you ask yourself as you traverse the insane amount of terrain with everyone and everything hunting you’re crew down. 

The game sounds better then I can put it in words. It’s third person with first person shooting which allows for some lengthy fun hefty gun battles. 

There are glitches. The driving, bugs, texture pop ups, and a few minor annoyances get in the way of your fun, but it’s no biggie.

This game is fun and you shouldn’t waste anytime before telling yourself not to buy it. It’s worth your 60.00 because with the upcoming content and the main game you will have fun for hours upon hours!

9.5 out of 10

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