GPU’s give us major issues.

Graphic Processing Units tend to give us major issues, especially when they are integrated on a motherboard inside a laptop. Some GPU’s (Graphic Processing Units) are dedicated, but usually thats not the case when you have a powerful MSI or a new Razor machine.

GPU’s are used for gamers, musicians and different types of hobbyists that want to bring they’re computer to the edge. To give it the maximum output so they can put in the maximum input.

Right now I am working with a new Dell XPS that is touch screen that probably has two dedicated GPU’s. For some reason when you close the lid on the Dell XPS the GPU craps out and the screen turns black. I did many diagnostics on the computer, and I even managed to temporarily fix the goshed darn thing, but heres the hitch every time it recovers from sleep mode and goes from the boot menu onto the administrator page it has a blue light that pops up before that.

It could mean one of two things,

  1. The GPU is getting to hot and the GPU’s Heatsink isn’t working properly
  2. The GPU itself was used to many times with an external monitor which is creating pandemonium between the functionality of the Computer and the external capabilities of this machine.

It’s most likely that the person who owned the computer before kept running various external displays for better resolution needs and the computer’s GPU started to overheat giving the computer little functionality when trying to lower the resolution, which in turn is why the computer is having issues when turning on after a display switch.

At least if it was a dedicated video card then we can swap it out 1 – 2 – 3. With no problems whatsoever, but that’s not the case here. We have an integrated video card that barely works due to display swapping.

If you have anything or any thoughts you are more then welcome to . explain in the comments section exactly what you think is the issue behind GPU’s in general. Maybe even what could be wrong with your own.

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