Why do iPhone 5 batteries give us major issues?

Why do iPhone batteries give us major issues? I’ve worked on quite a few iPhone 5 through 6s batteries and replacing them could be a pain.

For instance: I have this iPhone battery right in front of me where I took the battery out to do a test on the battery which came out to be 3.73 volts. Now, that is the normal battery rate on an iPhone 5 Battery (an iPhone 6 battery may run a little higher) anyway, I tested the battery and then replaced the battery with an Apple certified new battery, this was after I had fixed the case. I didn’t know that it was going to be such a pain to replace the battery because of the adhesive on this particular phone.

It seems as though iPhones have different manufactured types. Look at the iPhone 6 bending issue phenom. All of a sudden, the phone issues were fixed and all the newer iPhone 6’s don’t bend or have the pocket bend issue.

Next time your out there buying an iPhone make sure to wait a little while after launch and Apple gets all the kinks out of their first design of the masterfully designed iPhone.

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