The Quickest and Easiest Way To Reset Your iPhone

Hello everyone!

I would like to explain to you today what the quickest and easiest way to reset your iPhone is.

In order to sell your iPhone,IMG_6240or buy an iPhone you must not have an iCloud ID attached to the phone.

So, the first step we are going to take is getting that pesky iCloud information off of the iPhone.

You can do this by going to the settings icon on your phone then tapping general settings, then tapping reset settings, then taping reset all settings.

Once you are done with this – You are going to need to plug your iPhone into a computer, hold the power button and the home button for about 6 to 10 seconds. You can release the power button after the seconds go by. On the screen you will see a long cord with the iTunes lo

go. From here, you are going to want to open up your iTunes on your computer download the latest firmware and reset your entire phone.

When your iPhone is recognized by the computer it is going to automaticallyIMG_6235 open up the iTunes application. It is going to ask you do you want to download


and update? You are going to respond with a click.

From there once you download and update, it’s also going to reset your phone.

Once this is done, turn your phone on and that’s all there is to it. It is brand new again.

With these few easy steps you can have a brand new iPhone again.

Hello how are you!