iPad Pro is the next Macbook Touch?

IPad Pro is a new phenom in tech.  You can really look at it over and over and wonder how the hell do they make a luscious piece of equipment like that. Now all you have to do is add a keyboard to it… And presto you have a laptop. I was watching television when an Apple commercial came on and depicted an iPad turning into a computer by attaching a pholio keyboard to the surface of the iPad. Look at the specs. The iPad Pro has a 12.9 inch screen, while Mac-books have the same.

That right there could speculate the fact that Mac is giving up on certain aspects of their iOS for the simplicity and feel of a single App based system that mimics that of Windows.

What does this tell for the future of Apple and transitioning people who have paid to use the Mac for all it’s glory and now have an iPad as a replacement laptop. How about all the people who aren’t privy to how the clean interface of the Mac works, but know how to use the great interface of the iOS.

It seems that Mac won’t make that leap into a full touch screen laptop. Maybe it’s because of the technology?

Whatever the reason Mac will not increase their displays and they will not make them touch screen. By making the original iPad bigger and attaching a keyboard they are winning in all sorts of ways. They will sell more accessories, they don’t have to spend the money on manufacturing a brand new laptop. There is so much they could save on it’s ridiculous (and smart). No one has thought this through yet, but where is the touchscreen mac. We have seen the one with the touchbar. We have seen all of the supposed features of what an Macbook can do, I have mentioned this before, but it upsets me not to see the real touchscreen laptop.

Maybe by spreading the word or the people asking for a touchscreen macbook. We can eventually get one. Otherwise Macbooks are great without the touchscreen. It’s just the promises that make me upset.

Apple is a great company that makes great products.

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