Microsoft Vs. Windows

Why do these to behemoth businesses argue so much. Why does it Rain? Because it has to.

This probably has been written thousands of times, but I would like to put my perspective into the mix.


Macbooks are seamless working machines that are easier to use. Macbooks have a beautiful look feel and way about them. I imagine that they appeal more to the female demographic because of the sleekness.

Microsoft on the other hand makes machines that are either to bulky or to light, or even to big.

What makes the difference is the sheer size of how many Macbooks there are versus how many types of IBM Clones there are. If Microsoft just built the surface, we wouldn’t even debate. Apple would win the day.

The only reason we are debating this is because the word “Microsoft” is synounomus with their hardware as well as their software. Microsoft is just the Operating system that often gets misconstrued by IBM’s Machines. Now for another question. Mac Vs. Windows 10?

Windows 10 is getting better, but nothing stops that feeling of beauty and ease like iOS 10. It has an easy to use docking bay at the bottom of the interface. It has an easy to use trash can to uninstall software you don’t want anymore. It has an easy to use virtual desktop where you can create three or for desktops for multi-tasking. Of course it’s not perfect.

The iOS doesn’t support certain key productivity softwares and gaming softwares like Windows 10 does, but Machines with Windows 10 affordability gives you the option to either have both or choose whichever fits your needs.

The companies combined are a great way to give the consumer more options. We live in a day and age where each person has different things to do and each person needs certain tools to do it. Between these companies and all the other entrapenurs out there, they had made it possible for businesses to have choice. That is essentially what America and our business practices were founded on “Choice.” Let’s sum up who’s the victor here and who isn’t. It’s neither companies. Both companies offer us a diverse line of products that range from Laptops to Phones. Both companies give us what we need when no other company  can match up to them. Hats off to both companies that made history.

Although, as a personal preference I would choose Mac for work, Microsoft for Play.

Hello how are you!