Tea Time With Techs

You probably are wondering what Tea Time with the techs means? I really don’t blame you for your curiousity.

Tea Time With Tech’s is to talk about something that can help you with an electronic device that you have or something that is broken.

So what are we going to speak about first with Tea Time? How about… The importance of your Boot Time and ways to change that time. Boot Time is exactly what it sounds like. It is the amount of time that it takes to Boot into a machine. Or what is relatively easier the amount of time it takes to turn the machine on and into IOS.

Say for instance, your IOS will not start up and you are in a tizzy. You just don’t know what to do? The best thing is to hold down Command + R while the computer is in boot mode. Once you do that the computer will open up a disk utility that will give you Multiple options.

If you had made a Time Machine Backup with your iCloud account that would be the first logical choice in getting your computer to work again.

Second Logical choice would be to click on Disk Utility and run “First Aid” on your hard disk. First Aid will tell you everything that is wrong with your hard drive. The third and final option that I would do is Reinstall the OS. This is the option that will get your computer back up and running. If you need any more advice. Please do not hesitate to call of come in to 59 Broadway, New Haven CT

Hello how are you!