Are you not Charging

Is your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or whatever not charging.

The first thing to do is check the cord.

Since there are so many after market cords that are being made for these devices (you can find them at any gas station), Apple hasn’t really said anything, but it is causing major issues with their products.

Alot of People are spending a fortune on fixing these devices from technitions that either say they don’t know how to fix the device or they do, but end up changing cables that don’t matter. If you have problems charging your device, try a different cord. After Market cords are not the way to go.

Battery Problems are also prevelent amongst people that have Phones and other small handheld devices. Battery Problems are a major fault of the manufacturer. Sometimes because of the cord or the manufacturer, the Batteries have to be changed. Remember, if you have a device and it’s not charging talk to a professional, but first try to change the cord. You can call

1-203-587-0030 or 1-203-889-2912

59 Broadway, New Haven CT 06511.

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