For Honor Review

I am a Viking!!!

For Honor is a fighting game at heart. The game starts you off with 3 different characters to choose from with three different online Multiplayer modes to choose from. There is a Single Player story, but it lacks any real feeling. The Single Player mode is one dimensional at best. The Multiplayer in this game is what is going to keep you coming back for more.

Of the three different characters one is a Vanguard, Viking and Samurai. You can experiment with all twelve play-styles if you would like, or you can make one true warrior, but to do so would be a disgrace to how For Honor should be played.

Everyone should try out multiple hero’s to see which three or four match their play-style. From the Duel Wielding Peacemaker to the Oshobi, there is truly a great amount of time to be spent with the Multi-Player and with the upcoming seasons, plus new content, you should be having hours and hours of fun with For Honor. It truly is a great fighting game that isn’t a hack and slasher at all. At the beginning of For Honor you may go in thinking of a hack and slasher, but that’s exactly what you are not going to get.

You need to precisely time your attacks otherwise your adrenaline will run out, you need to time your blocks to coincide with the attacks of the player you are fighting, you need to change your angle to coincide with the angle of the player that you are fighting.

Plus, you may want to create a character that uses less deBuff’s and more defense, more stamina, and a less of an attack, more defense, but a powerful last stand defensive fight, whatever the case each character plays nicely against each other. What makes it so brilliant is the balance of players is well worth your playtime as each one. One player may have a longer reach, while one could only get you on short attacks.

For Honor has created a new fighting Multiplayer game that has never been introduced before. It’s like a first person shooter for fighters. It is honestly great fun and if I were to score the game I would give it a 9.5 out of 10. 

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