iSell Warranty!

iPhone 5 through 7 Plus:

This warranty covers any breaks that may happen to your phone.

Screen Replacements:

For instance you break your Phone Screen. We will have it replaced within  24 hours.

You will be covered for the entire year.

Bring in your phone and we will replace the phone screen if it is cracked or has any issues whatsoever.

Battery Replacements:

What if your Battery stops working? Or you unplug your data cable by accident? You will be covered.

Some Water Damage:

Water Damage includes only working phones. Most water damage cannot get worse, but we will manage it. If it happens to blow your Phone then we cannot cover anything that has to do with Water Damage.

We do not cover the Logic board:

$199.99 Per Month or $29.99 Per Month

We offer a 2 year full warranty on all the computers that we build. Includes Parts and Labor!